Before we start talking this issue, would you like to join us to see the example of what trouble that someone will usually meet? If you have the similar experience, why not show your useful tips to other friends?

hero finalcutexpress How to Import Sony PMW RX50 XAVC/MPEG to iMovie/FCE?
‘I am a camera man and work in a TV station, recently I shot some match videos from the occasion with our professional assistant, Sony PMW-RX50. What I now want to do is a further editing in iMovie with the shot footages. But something like ‘Unsupported Video’ showed on the screen. Could I need to change another editing tool?’

As a high quality camcorder recorder, we got the footages are always encoded by XAVC or MPEG, which are both unfriendly with iMovie or FCE as you know. What? You would like to ask some third-party plug-ins for a help? Of course sometimes it can do you a favor. However, to find an effective way with the stable capacity of converting XAVC to the suitable MOV for iMovie and FCE, Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac can get rid of your trouble well. A nice XAVC to iMovie converter also with the faster conversion speed. What’s the most important, no quality loss after working work this program, do you believe that?

Open the program if you have downloaded and installed the program, ‘Add video’ and ‘Add from folder’ could help you lot. Drop down the output list, could you see the ‘iMovie/Final Cut Express’>>’Apple inter Mediate Codec(AIC)(*.mov)’, both for iMovie and FCE, we can select it as the best one.

format to imovie fce How to Import Sony PMW RX50 XAVC/MPEG to iMovie/FCE?

There are so many other functional items on the main interface, such like ‘Settings’, adjust your video size or video codec, etc. For ‘Editor’ to do a simple dispose of your files. Here I want to mention is the ‘Options’ button, it is deserved to take around. Finally, ‘Convert’ button you can hit to start your job!

options1 How to Import Sony PMW RX50 XAVC/MPEG to iMovie/FCE?

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Have you heard of the ‘Pocket Cinema Camera’? Yes, if you are a senior camera lover, you may its real name. Absolutely right! BlackMagic camera! Due to its tiny body and high quality design, it has been popular for several decades. The Super 16 sized sensor has an effective resolution of 1920 x 1080 and is capable of capturing 13 stops of dynamic range. However, if you would like to edit 4K prores files in Premiere Pro CC or CS, some troubles will confuse us a lot.

blackmagic design pocket camera cinemadng Make Blackmagic 4K ProRes to be Editable in Premiere Pro CC/CS

‘How to smoothly import my BlackMagic 4K videos in Premiere Pro for a further dispose?’ You might be familiar with the question above. With the different video codec provided by Blackmagic 4K camera, we should make some changes with the footage. Fortunately, I found a Pavtube 4K to Premiere Pro Video Converter for Mac can do this job well. Such an easy operation converting tool that can handle 4K videos well.

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When you free download the program, under the help of ‘Add video ‘ and ‘Add from folder’ you can easily import your original 4K files. Only with one screenshot, you can know main steps here. I have to remind you that if you drop down the output list, you will find the ‘Adobe Premiere pro/Song Vegas’>>’MPEG-2 (*.mpg), which we set is the best one for Premiere Pro CC/CS. For advanced users, why not get into the ‘Settings’ item for more? Finally, you can click the ‘Convert’ to finish your preparation job.

format to premiere Make Blackmagic 4K ProRes to be Editable in Premiere Pro CC/CS

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For those Apple fans, have you met the trouble of importing incompatible videos to your handle tablets or smart phones through iTunes, such as the MTS or M2TS files? Yes, frankly speaking, if you wish to achieve your goal, you have to convert MTS or M2TS to iTunes compatible format MP4. Don’t be panic. This article gives you detailed information about how to convert and import MTS/M2TS to iTunes on Mac, including the latest operation Mac OS X 10.10(Yosemite)

mts to itunes Freely Convert and Import MTS/M2TS to iTunes on Mac OS X
I don’t know whether you heard of the Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac or not, it is indeed a professional converting tool with multiple output choices and easy operation. The following paper can show you the necessary ways of making MTS files available with iTunes on Mac OS X.

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Install the program according to its instructions, load your MTS files with ‘Add video’ or ‘Add from folder’. Next, to keep the original high quality down; let’s go to the ‘HD Video’ to seek the’H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)’as the best one for iTunes. You can take the following picture as reference.

hd mp4 Freely Convert and Import MTS/M2TS to iTunes on Mac OS X

Or other specific items you need? For example, iPad, iPhone? You can also find on the output list.

ipad iphone Freely Convert and Import MTS/M2TS to iTunes on Mac OS X

For different devices, no matter for tablets or smart phones, you can adjust your personal needs in ‘Settings’ button. To keep the video size as 1920*1080, bitrates as high? Frame rate as 30 or 29.97. Here, you can set all on your own.

settings for output format Freely Convert and Import MTS/M2TS to iTunes on Mac OS X

Any suggestions or advice you can leave as comments below. If you have did all the preparation done, back to the main interface, just click the ‘Convert’ to start the conversion. Also, transfer steps of getting files into iTunes are allowed here as you are the first time to work with iTunes.





‘Several days ago, I took part in the big outside party which hold to celebrate the 2014 Halloween in the next block, as the professional video editor, I was invited to record the happy moments. During the all night, I worked well with my new camcorder, Sony PXW-X500. However, you know it is so necessary to edit them for a dispose in FCP 7. It seems there are some trouble in this importing progress. ‘Unsupported’ warning I’ve got on my screen. So any solutions there?’

sony pxw x500 Make Sony PXW X500 Smoothly Edited in FCP 6/7

It seems XAVC— the latest high definition video format introduced by Sony is not supported by FCP so far. Surely, you may know that some third-party tools can also do this job but what you don’t know is sometimes, we will meet the trouble of unstable working capacity, conflict versions, etc. so I recommend the XAVC to FCP 6/7 Converter for Mac for all you guys. With the stable version and excellent capacity, I’m you can enjoy it as your best assistant.

No need for high quality? Also you can free download the Pavtube Video Converter for Mac as a try.

Follow my steps and just with one screenshot, I can provide you the all details on how to make XAVC videos friendly with FCP 6/7. For a first step, load your files in with ‘Add video’ and ‘Add from folder’. If you connect your camera with the computer by USB cable, you can drag them directly in this program. Next we are going to the most important point, which should we choose as the best output? There are several types of Apple ProRes Codec especially for FCP, just choose one you think the best in the ‘Final Cut Pro’ on the output list. For example, ‘Apple ProRes Codec 422 (*.mov)’ may be your choice. When you choose the output, in ‘Editor’ and ‘Settings’ buttons, you will get more.

choose format to apple prores Make Sony PXW X500 Smoothly Edited in FCP 6/7

Tips: No matter for the latest Windows10 or Mac Yosemite, you can go well with this job. For some people who are the first time to use FCP7 or FCP 6, here are some transfer steps for you.



MXF footage? Learn more about this:
Further building upon the successful features of Professional Camcorders, such as the Canon XF205 and XF200, etc, which has the MXF as its unique output formats. But as we know, Canon every clip is in a separate folder, which brings inconvenience to import MXF to conversion tool. Many converters or editing systems lack the power to load MXF from different folders. It is inconvenient to load MXF file or folder one by one with complex steps.

Windows 10 Preview Allegedly Acting as a Keylogger Keeping Track of Every Click 461018 2 Multi track Convert Canon MXF footage on Windows 10 or Yosemite

Anyone can handle MXF well with multi-track audio on Windows 10/Yosemite?
With the separate file structure, once you work with MXF footage, there seems to lack multiple track solution, right? Here we recommend you the Pavtube Multi-track MXF Converter for Windows/Mac, which has the strong ability of smoothly converting MXF files with multi-track. No matter MXF footages from Panasonic P2, Canon or Sony camcorders are recorded with 2, 4, 8 or more audio tracks, the Pro can handle well.

Note: Have you got one to have a try yet? Or you may find it can work well with the latest operation for both Windows 10 and Mac OS X10.10(Yosemite)! IS that awesome?

Some step-by-step you may know during the conversion process.
Get this multi-track MXF Converter forWindows/Mac installed, click “Add Video” to load individual MXF videos; or click “Add from folder” to load the entire folder. It will recognize all the audio channels. Next, we are going to the output list for ‘Multi-track Video’ to select the ‘Multi-track MP4 (*.mp4) as the best.

multi track Multi track Convert Canon MXF footage on Windows 10 or Yosemite

Tips: On the output list, you must find some differences between Mac version and Windows version, for Mac version, there are also several more items especially for ‘Apple ProRes Codec’, it is more convenient for us to select for FCP, right?

If you have some interests in output video ‘Settings’ you may adjust them with video size, bitrates, frame fate or even audio channel here. Let me show you around here!

settings for output formats Multi track Convert Canon MXF footage on Windows 10 or Yosemite

For more suggestions or personal opinions, we will give you response as soon as possible if you leave the comments below. Or you can click the ‘Convert’ button to start your conversion job!




‘I have an HDR-AS30V camera. When I upload the MP4 files that it shot to any online video service (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), the video shows twisted, distorted, pixilated, with lots of artifact. The MP4 files shot with other devices do not have this problem. I did follow all YouTube regulations on video & codec conversion, to no avail. So it seems that the problem lies with the Sony MP4 format, not with the online video services.’

sony hdr Trouble in Uploading HDR AS30V MP4 to Youtube and Vimeo

Recently, we have received some questions like above. No doubt there are so many folk who are fond of recording videos and share or watch on YouTube or Vimeo, it is cool, isn’t it? Cause the HDR camera output the incompatible formats for YouTube and Vimeo, so we need the HDR MP4 Video Converter for Mac/Windows to make it possible with YouTube or Vimeo. You won’t be annoyed because of its easy operatin and fast conversion, do you wanna a try?

Open HDR MP4 converter on your computer, load or directly drag your files in, remember there are two different items for YouTube and Vimeo. For YouTube on the output list, you can find the ‘Flash Video’ >>FLV H.264 (*.flv)’ as the best:

format to youtube Trouble in Uploading HDR AS30V MP4 to Youtube and Vimeo

While for Vimeo, we can go to the ‘HD Video’>>AVI HD Video (*.avi)’, which is best one we all consider for Vimeo.

format to vimeo Trouble in Uploading HDR AS30V MP4 to Youtube and Vimeo

After that, back to the main interface you may tap the ‘Convert’ to finish the preparation. By the way, expires on 10th Nov, you can get 50% off discount on this promotion page. Each one there you can enjoy the big discount that held by Pavtube studio. Or any other opinions you can give us comments below.

Any more guides?




Searched online, you guys may know so many popular videos converters that can especially meet most photographers or video editor’s requirements. With different functions or prices, it is hesitating for us to make some decisions, right? Follow the 2014 Halloween which past only several days, here we introduce some Pavtube Video Converters with special Halloween discounts. More details on Halloween Topic Page?

halloween videos wd tv hdtv Again Celebration of Halloween Converters Promotion by Pavtube Studio!

Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Windows/Mac, especially for converting MTS/M2TS/M2T/TS/AVCHD/MOD/TOD footage to almost all video formats. What’s more, so many popular editing tools or media devices you can find listed on output items in this program. What else we also call it as a simple editor because you can adjust your files in ‘Editor’, like trim, crop, subtitles, etc. Let’s just make our MTS/M2TS compatible with everything.

Pavtube Video Converter for Windows/Mac, which is a functional assistant that can handle almost all HD/SD audio/video formats. For another way, it’s the best one for Tivo/DVR recordings. So other items you can have a try on main interface such as ‘Settings’, ‘Editor’, ‘Merge into one’, etc. All Windows operation it can work well. Also, GPU acceleration technology is available. For example,  iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Kindle Fire HDX, Surface Pro 3, etc are offered there.

Pavtube HD Video Converter for Windows/Mac, the biggest highlight this one can handle HD digital camcorder footages such as AVCHD (MTS, M2TS), MXF, MOV, etc. Others? Deinterlace to get the better video, advanced adjustments for some professional video editors, wide range of outputs and supported devices, etc.

Pavtube MXF Converter for Windows/Mac, especially designed for MXF footages which shot by MXF cameras. For example, it can convert MXF files for free playback on iDevices, Android devices and media players. Furthermore, MXF files batch conversion can be also supported. Is that cool?

Pavtube MXF MultiMixer/iMixMXF, do you know the biggest characteristic of this program? Keep multiple audio tracks/channels in multi-track MKV/MP4/MOV formats, surely with rich editing functions. On the output list, you can find the item ‘Multi-track Video’ that other products don’t have. Others for example, batch conversion, merging and splitting.
For Blu-ray or DVD rippers, you can also see here. Pavtube DVDAid for Windows/Mac or BDMagic for Windows/Mac. I’m sure it can meet your needs such as ‘Copy’ files, rip DVDs or Blu-rays, etc.

Whatever video formats shot by cameras you wanna edit for a nice enjoyment or upload on websites, the programs we mentioned above can do you a big favor. For now, I have to mention here is to celebrate the 2014 Halloween, such a big discount on this paper! 50% OFF on all BD/DVD or Video tools! Only 5 days left! What are you waiting for?

Today here what we would like to tell you is that from a write back by a Sony user, we may offer you some useful tips of editing Sony PMW-F3 MXF Files in Avid Media Composer in a native way. Firstly, let’s together see how does this friend make it possible to make the incompatible MXF files accepted by Avid Media Composer.

F3Sundance0111 confetti Natively Import Sony PMW F3 MXF Files to Avid Media Composer

‘As a protools user , sometime I get MXF files from editors (8ch embedded audio) and I have to convert them to Avid Media Composer for the further editing. Frankly speaking, these videos which shot in the lab mean a lot for me, it recorded the process of the change of the experimental subject by Sony PMW-F3 or WX3 camera. I get the work done so well with Pavtube MXF to Aivd Converter for Mac, you won’t be disappointed with it.’

Load your MXF files in with ‘Add video’ or ‘Add from folder’, then on the format list, ‘Avid Media Composer’ is just there. Choose the ‘DNxHD MOV’ as the best output. See the Screenshot below:

format to avid mov Natively Import Sony PMW F3 MXF Files to Avid Media Composer

The product mentioned above we also called it Pavtube iMixMXF, which not only has the conversion there but also with the ‘Multi-track Video’ and ‘3D Video’ items. It also has another name, ‘Tiny Editor’ because you can do some simple adjustments with your videos, could you believe that? Tap the ‘Convert’ on the main interface is okay. Such an easy operation and functional tool! Right?

editor for imixmxf Natively Import Sony PMW F3 MXF Files to Avid Media Composer

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As so many media players you can choose to play your videos, someone still select the QuickTime as the favorite, do you know the reasons? Here in this paper, we offered you the causes and also the solutions of watching smooth H.264 videos on QuickTime. Keep move on.

icon qt big Play Camcorder H.264 Videos Well on QuickTime

So for now, what are you worrying about? Exactly the best way to make H.264 videos watchable on QuickTime with the high experience reserved, right? We here strongly recommend you the H.264 to QuickTime Converter for Mac, which has the capacity of nice conversion with no quality loss, do you believe that?

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Here you can take the options and the screenshot together to know how to do this work well. Let’s take a reference here.

Launch the program and ‘Add video’ or ‘Add from folder’ to import you H.264 files, they will listed on the main interface. From ‘HD Video’ to ‘H.264 HD Video (*.mov)’, you can easily find this. To get your work done also with the high quality reserved, you won’t be disappointed. To find more items, ‘Settings’ or ‘Editor’ may become your choice. Why not have a try?

convert to hd video Play Camcorder H.264 Videos Well on QuickTime

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Hey guys! What’s your idea of celebrating the coming Halloween? Only ‘Treat ot Trick?’ maybe not a creative idea during the years! So how about taking part in the Halloween Topic Activity for the big discount and make your own Halloween videos as a special present for uploading on YouTube? Isn’t it a nice idea?

HalloweenCookies Free DVD Creator for Sharing Halloween Videos on YouTube?

How to get Pavtube DVD Creator for free? Just get the Pavtube HD Video Converter for the first step! Only $35 now instead of the original price $35+$35! Reasons for you why you should get these two items here:

What can Pavtube HD Video Converter do during Halloween celebration? In a word, it can make original incompatible videos accepted by all popular devices or editors with high quality preserved. Is that cool? Especially for YouTube, we also have the most suitable output item, ‘H.264 FLV(*.flv)’. as the following screenshot offered you. Others for example, ‘Editor’ ’Settings’ etc, you can get here to find more usage.

flv Free DVD Creator for Sharing Halloween Videos on YouTube?

For DVD Creator, it produces DVD disc, DVD ISO and DVD folder. Also it can custom DVD menus and the titles to what you like. What’s the most important point is converting your DVD files at a faster speed than others. Any videos you can burn here with its simple wizard-style user interface and powerful editing features. In addition, the Quick Burn feature enables users to burn archived ISO image and DVD-Video structure instantly. Do you wanna a try?

10 November, 2014, this is the ending date of this big Halloween promotion, just hurry up to follow the steps! Let’s celebrate Halloween together!