‘I have an HDR-AS30V camera. When I upload the MP4 files that it shot to any online video service (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), the video shows twisted, distorted, pixilated, with lots of artifact. The MP4 files shot with other devices do not have this problem. I did follow all YouTube regulations on video & codec conversion, to no avail. So it seems that the problem lies with the Sony MP4 format, not with the online video services.’

sony hdr Trouble in Uploading HDR AS30V MP4 to Youtube and Vimeo

Recently, we have received some questions like above. No doubt there are so many folk who are fond of recording videos and share or watch on YouTube or Vimeo, it is cool, isn’t it? Cause the HDR camera output the incompatible formats for YouTube and Vimeo, so we need the HDR MP4 Video Converter for Mac/Windows to make it possible with YouTube or Vimeo. You won’t be annoyed because of its easy operatin and fast conversion, do you wanna a try?

Open HDR MP4 converter on your computer, load or directly drag your files in, remember there are two different items for YouTube and Vimeo. For YouTube on the output list, you can find the ‘Flash Video’ >>FLV H.264 (*.flv)’ as the best:

format to youtube Trouble in Uploading HDR AS30V MP4 to Youtube and Vimeo

While for Vimeo, we can go to the ‘HD Video’>>AVI HD Video (*.avi)’, which is best one we all consider for Vimeo.

format to vimeo Trouble in Uploading HDR AS30V MP4 to Youtube and Vimeo

After that, back to the main interface you may tap the ‘Convert’ to finish the preparation. By the way, expires on 10th Nov, you can get 50% off discount on this promotion page. Each one there you can enjoy the big discount that held by Pavtube studio. Or any other opinions you can give us comments below.

Any more guides?